Russian America

Norman Saul

Norman Saul


Professor of History and of Russian and E. European Studies (Ph.D. Columbia, 1965; M.A. Columbia, 1959; B.A. Indiana, 1954). Modern Russia, international, military, Volga Germans and Mennonites from Russia.

Professor Saul is the author of War and Revolution: The United States and Russia, 1914-1921;Concord and Conflict: The United States and Russia, 1867-1914 (1996); Distant Friends: the United States and Russia, 1763-1867 (1992); Sailors in Revolt: The Russian Baltic Fleet in 1917 (1978); Russia and the Mediterranean, 1797-1807 (1970). He also co-edited Russian-American Dialogue on Cultural Relations (1997); and recently published Friends or Foes? The United States and Soviet Russia, 1921-1941 (2006); and Historical Dictionary of United States-Russian/Soviet Relations (2009). He is currently writing a biography of Charles R. Crane under contract with Northern Illinois University Press.

Saul has received, among other honors, the Byron Caldwell Smith book award, the Robert H. Ferrell book prize from the Society of American Foreign Relations, the Balfour S. Jeffrey (Higuchi) Research Award, and a fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Studies. His current research focuses on all aspects of Russian-American relations.

Professor Saul taught at Purdue, Brown, and Northwestern before coming to Kansas in 1970. He has conducted research extensively in Russia, Europe, and the U.S. with the support of grants from IREX, the Kennan Inst., Ford Foundation, and the American Philosophical Society. He is is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and an honorary member of the Center of North American Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is a regular member of KU's Russian and East European executive committee, and has served as president of the Kansas History Teachers Association. He also serves on the editorial boards of Amerikanskii Ezhegodnik, Slavic Military History, and the UMKC Dialogues project.

He before his retirement he taught a full range of Russian history courses at all levels, and also offerd course on undergraduate historical research and methodology. Professor Saul has lectured widely throughout Kansas and the broader region on topics relating to Russia, the Balkans, and Germans from Russia as a charter member of the Kansas Humanities Council Speakers Bureau. For this he received the Council's Public Scholar Award in 1997.

Siberian Expansion

Khazaria and Kiev
Turks, Tatars, Mongols
16th century Tatar Conquest

Military outposts-- the Frontier

  • Tobolsk 1587
  • Tomsk 1604
  • Yakutsk 1632
  • Okhotsk 1649
  • Irkutsk 1652
  • Petropavlovsk 1752
  • Nikolaevsk 1852
  • Vladivostok 1860
  • Harbin 1898

Locations mentioned in Dr. Saul's lecture