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Mikkelson Bio

Professional Experience

University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures:  Acting Assistant Professor (1967-71), Assistant Professor (1971-74), Associate Professor (1974-84), Professor (1984-present).

St. Petersburg State University, Russia, School of Philology, Department of the History of Russian Literature and Department of English Philology and Translation: Visiting Professor (spring 1993, spring 1997, academic year 2000-1, fall 2005).

University of Texas, Austin, Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies, Visiting Professor (September 15-29, 2007).

Awards (since 1990 only)

  • Wheatland Foundation Award for Literary Translation (Siberia on Fire), 1990.
  • Columbia Translation Center Award (Siberia on Fire), 1991.
  • Burlington Northern Foundation Faculty Achievement Award (for teaching), 1991.
  • Academic Director, Council for International Educational Exchange, Advanced Russian Language and Culture Program for Americans in St. Petersburg, Russia, academic year 1992-3.
  • KU College of Liberal Arts and Sciences award for excellence in supervising Ph.D. dissertations, 1995.
  • Certificate of Distinguished Service, J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, and U.S. Information Agency (for screening Fulbright fellowship candidates, 1995-9 (1999).
  • KU Hall Center for Humanities Travel Grant to Russia for Improvement of Teaching, 2000.
  • Fulbright Scholar in Russia, academic year 2000-1.
  • Honorary Doctorate (Doctoris honoris causa), School of Philology, St. Petersburg State University (Russia), 2001.
  • Membership, House of Scholars (Dom uchenykh), Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg (Russia), 2001.
  • Elected, President of RAISA (Russian-American International Studies Association), which carries responsibility for American participation in annual Russian-American Seminar in St. Petersburg, Russia, 2007.
  • Selected, Big XII Inter-University Faculty Fellowship to lecture for two weeks, September 15-29, 2007, in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures and Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies at the University of Texas-Austin.
  • CARTA (Central Association of Russian Teachers of America) Excellence in Teaching Russian Award, April 2008.

Scholarly Products in Print, on Microfilm, on Tape, or on Videocassette


Ph.D. dissertation «Pushkin and the History of the Russian Nobility» (1971).  Available at the University of Wisconsin (Madison) and University Microfilms.  For synopsis, see Dissertation Abstracts International, A (Humanities and Social Sciences), Vol. 32, No. 6 (December 1971), p. 3317-A.


Radio series on «Russian Culture», fourteen programs of 50 minutes each, produced and broadcast on KU public radio station KANU.

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Program on «Soviet Literature without Censorship», broadcast on Maine Public Television, July 1987, available on video-cassette.


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Translation of Крокодил (Crocodile) of cartoon captions and editor's forward, Soviet Humor: The Best of Krokodil (Kansas City and New York: Andrews and McNeel, 1989), 192 pages.

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Article, «Грамотность как фактор, определяющий значимость персонажей ж драме Пушкина Борис Годунов» (in Korean translation), Understanding Russian Literature (Seoul: Institute of Korean Slavic Studies, 1993), pp. 131-9.

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Article, «Капитанская дочка и Старик: две вехи в истории русского социального утопизма» (The Captain's Daughter and The Old Man: Two Eras in the History of Russian Utopianism), co-authored with Tatyana Spektor, Ars philologiae (St. Petersburg: St.P. University Press, 1997), pp. 71-92.


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Translation of titles of 278 art works for catolog of the III International Biannual Art-Bridge Watercolor Exhibition «Мир воды Санкт-Петербурга» (The World of Water in St. Petersburg), held in St. Peterburg (Russia), on December 8-29, 2005, at the Manege (Riding Stable), and the St. Petersburg Aquaworld Museum, in January 2006.


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Translation, “Lake Baikal Before My Eyes” [an excerpt from Valentin Rasputin’s «Байкал предо мною»], World Policy Journal, Winter 2009/10, pp. 10-11.